Pilates with difference.



Our boutique studio is friendly, open and full of positive energy that inspires and uplifts. We offer top quality Mat Pilates and Wunda Chair group classes, duo and 1:1


As well as the physical benefits from Pilates, we believe in finding a deeper mind-body connection , fostering self-love, and teaching confident and empowered movement is a big part of what makes our Studio so unique and special!

Our classes are programmed to ensure your body receives the love and attention it deserves. With a foundation in form and technique to safely strengthen and lengthen your body so you can feel more confident and connected to ‘you’.


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With our membership options you instantly have access to:

  • Online 130+  mat class and 12 reformer classes

  • 3min - 40min beginner, intermediate and advanced level options

  • An ever-growing library of Pilates classes including mat and small equipment options

  • Pre- and post-natal classes to keep you moving, as your body is transforming

  • A community to support and challenge you throughout your Pilates Practice progress

  • Bespoke Challenges, programmed by Founder, Dani Rosenthal

  • Recipes, tips, and hints to get more out of your Pilates Practice


Danielle Rosenthal, Motion Pilates Studio Founder

"Motion Pilates Studio has been a dream of mine to open! My classes are planned to create strong bodies,  beautiful long lean muscles, using correct technique and low impact, yet challenging 

movement patterns. Pilates for me is about feeling strong, confident and fabulous in your body."

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What members say

I have been doing Pilates weekly with the lovely Dani for 18 months and my body has become stronger, leaner and tighter. She is always encouraging and the sessions are varied every time. Now I am doing her online classes daily and am getting even stronger, lighter and more toned. It is amazing and empowering to feel so alive and have my body look and feel so good. I cannot thank or recommend Dani enough.

- Deb

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