Wunda Chair  $35


We will work your entire body using our wunda chair! The chair focuses on building strength, balance, coordination, and mobility, using different spring tensions to challenge your body and achieve better movement patterns and alignment. You will feel grounded and more balanced in your body after our Wunda Chair workout. 

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Mat Classes $32


Motion Pilates FUNDAMENTALS class is perfect for those who are just beginning their Pilates journey, but it's also great for those who want to perfect the fundamentals. This class is a foundation to pilates where we teach correct form,  body awareness and the basics of pilates.


Our signature mat class is our MOTION FULL BODY. This class is all about whole body connection and strength and balance with a fun ending sequence that gets your heart rate up. We will move through each part of the body with challenging exercises.


Focus on CORE. It is an energising class and designed to make you feel strong especially in your core! Challenge your abdominals with challenging sequences that target your core muscle. 


Focus on ARM strength and posture in a full body work out. You will strengthen and tone your upper body by using a choice of small equipment such as resistance bands and hand weights for that extra challenge.



Focus on GLUTES and lower body. Our glutes help support our spine and therefore posture and are important for correct pelvic alignment. We will target your lower body such as glutes, hamstrings, adductors and legs with movements like side-lying exercises, squats, lunges, and much more! 


Barre is a fun, upbeat and energising class that incorporates the principles of Pilates at the barre! This class will get your heart rate up and strengthen and lengthen your legs and glutes! Equipment may include the ballet barre, light weights, resistance bands, and balls.


Sweat Motion is a fast-paced, high-intensity interval class that satisfies your cardio fix in this total body-toning workout!! This class is all about correct form in movement, using a choice of weights for the class! Get ready for a sweat!!!



This class is for you and your bub!! You will enjoy a safe, challenging and fun class. In this class, we focus on re-connecting and strengthening your core and pelvic floor and well as working on pelvic stability, posture and flexibility.  These classes are suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced clients.You must be cleared by your women’s health physio before joining this class.

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$115 - 60m or $105 -45m

- In a private class, it is 1:1 appointment with a highly experienced and caring instructor.

- Personalised workout that focuses on  supporting  you through movement with 1:1 attention.

- You will receive  an Initial Assessment in your first session and an at home program.

- Ideal for clients who prefer a 1:1 approach over group classes or if you are returning from an injury or surgery, clients with pre-existing conditions or illnesses.

- Your session can be booked at either our MP Malabar studio (mat, barre & wunda chair) or our MP home studio (at Dani’s home studio using reformer, tower, wunda chair, mat and barre). 

- To book in a 1:1, please email your availability to hello@motionpilatesstudio.com

DUO 1:2


$70 pp - 60m or $60 pp -45m

- In a duo session, both clients will have a personalised workout, but you share the instructor.

-The sessions are personally designed for each client based on their goals and functional needs, which is created from an Initial Assessment for your first class and an at home program.

- Your session can be booked at either our MP Malabar studio (mat, barre & wunda chair) or our MP home studio (at Dani’s home studio using reformer, tower, wunda chair, mat and barre).

- To book in a 1:1, please email your availability to hello@motionpilatesstudio.com

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About Dani Rosenthal
Founder of Motion Pilates Studio

I'm Dani!


I am a proud mumma of 1 and I am so happy to be able to share my love of Pilates with you all at Motion Pilates. I absolutely love teaching and am certified through Polestar Pilates rehabilitation studio equipment and mat. I have a strong passion for all movement, pilates and wellness.

What I love the most about Pilates:

I believe Pilates is about allowing your body the chance to move and change, which will develop a deeper level of self awareness, creating a more positive you. I also love engaging with clients and finding their true strength. I love seeing a change that takes place in my client’s bodies and mindset. 

How I started Pilates:

I first found my love for pilates after hip surgery in 2014  (due to a torn labrum) from playing waterpolo and wear and tear of my body. After playing for over 15 years at national level  and in the US during college, it took a huge toll on my body. After surgery, I still struggled with hip pain and decided to try pilates in restoring pain-free movement. After 2 weeks of 3 x a week mat pilates, I felt a positive change in my body with less pain and could honestly say how much of a difference I felt. It was the perfect rehabilitation for my recovery and now movement that my body craves daily.