“Dani is a wonderful instructor  with expert knowledge and such a beautiful, positive persona. Her classes always make you feel great!”

– Jaimi Gallagher

“Dani took me for reformer pilates from week 12 to week 41 in my pregnancy. It was my second pregnancy and I was so worried because I was plagued with injuries first time around. This pregnancy was so enjoyable and I felt stronger and fitter than ever the entire time. I was doing a session the day I went to hospital at 41 weeks!

I enjoyed my pregnancy so much and I give all that credit to Dani. My doctor also gave me clearance to exercise after 3 weeks due to minimal pelvic floor and ab separation, something that wouldn’t have been possible without Dani."

– Holly Lincoln- Smith

“I always feel so strong after Dani’s classes, and I love her online classes and her studio space!”

– Simone

“I have been doing pilates weekly with the lovely Dani for months and my body has become stronger, leaner and tighter. She is always encouraging and the sessions are varied every time. Now I am doing her online programs daily and am getting even stronger, lighter and more toned. It is amazing and empowering to feel so alive and have my body look and feel so good. I cannot thank or recommend Dani enough."

– Deb

"Dani's pilates classes are always a sneaky burn! She consistently programs the classes so no matter the length, you're guaranteed a burn and a stretch. I know when I take her class I'll finish feeling rejuvenated, strong, and ready to take on the rest of my day! I always look forward to my next class, and you will too."

- Chelsea Byland

I love Dani’s classes SO much!! I feel like she caters for every single body and lifestyle from long and advanced to super short yet effective for a time poor mum like me! I still enjoy doing the post partum classes too! Thank you 

- Georgie W