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Motion Pilates Studio has a class for every ‘body’. We’ve developed a range of classes to suit your fitness and energy levels, as well as your changing schedule. You can even chose to follow our monthly programming and leave the decision in our hands.

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    Foundation Beginners

    These mat classes will help you establish strong connections in your body. They include exercises to know before you start your Pilates Practice. We call these exercises the foundation! We recommend this class if you are new to your Pilates Practice, or perhaps if pilates is already in your daily routine, it can provide a ‘sense check’ for the foundation you have already built. These are the exercises that you will come back to time and time again: never stop practicing , focus on the quality of movement with your breath, and enjoy!

    Our approach: 3-4 times a week for 3 weeks, before moving to your Intermediate Flow. Add 1 x small equipment class with Foundation Beginners.

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    Intermediate Flow

    The Intermediate Flows are total body classes that will help to create a stronger, longer body while you gain greater awareness of your movement patterns. We cover core, glutes, arms, legs, balancing and postural exercises. These classes will help lengthen, strengthen and align your body, all with a smile on your face! The Intermediate Flow classes are all about achieving the right technique for your total body work out, to ultimately strengthen and redefine your body. All intermediate classes have a quicker flow and more repetitions, making it more challenging.

    Our approach: 3-4 times a week for 4-6 weeks, before moving to Advanced Athletic. No equipment needed, but you can add ankle weights to make glute exercises more challenging. Recommended that you complete the Foundation Beginners class before adding Intermediate Flow to your Pilates Practice.

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    Advanced Athletic

    Our Advanced Athletic classes are total body classes that have been designed to get your heart rate up, fast! We target your whole body, strengthen your core all while rebalancing your body to achieve peak alignment and performance.


    Our approach: 3-5 times a week. With ongoing advanced classes being uploaded. No equipment needed, but you can add ankle weights to make glute exercises more challenging. Recommended that you complete the Foundation Beginners and Intermediate Flow before adding Athletic Advance to your Pilates Practice.


    Reformer Online

    You have 5 great classes to chose from, with more classes that continue to be added! These reformer classes include strong and unique exercises that are aimed to strengthen and tone in your total body work out.


    All of these classes will challenge your body is different ways whether you are a beg, int or adv, we offer modifications for all levels. Our focus on conditioning will strengthen your legs, increase your stability, as well as strengthen your arms and glutes and of course your your core!!!

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    Over 140 Online Classes

    Our library of mat and reformer classes features safe and functional exercises to improve strength, posture and flexibility. Our class are challenging for all different levels with you are beginner to advanced.  Each class has been designed for a total body work out, Whether you have 3 minutes to spare or feel like a total body 45 min burn, you will find the perfect Pilates class for you!! 


    Each class has with a particular focus in mind: core, glutes, legs, arms, balance or posture.